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Augmont Gold For All - Buy & Sell | Gold App India

 Augmont’s Gold For All – Glittering a billion lives through the power of Gold. A revolutionary Goldtech ecosystem that attempts to make gold accessible, affordable, useful, and manageable for all phases of life. Augmont’s Gold For All is a one-stop destination for gold in the country, with the variety of Gold products aiming to touch every aspect of a customer’s life, Gold for all phases of life, Gold for all kinds of needs, Gold for all Customer types. Augmont is among India’s most reputed refinery & bullion companies with deep inroads in the close-knit jeweller community. It has network of over 4000 jewellers connected online on the SPOT system. Augmont serves its consumers with the following products:

Digi Gold
Buy gold and silver online. With Augmont Digi Gold, customers can buy physical gold online even as low as Re.1/- and receive secured home delivery with wholesale prices across the industry. Customers can opt to keep it in secured vaults which are managed and monitored by IDBI Trustee.

Gold Loan
Now avail instant gold loan at your doorstep. Augmont offers the highest rates per gram and low interest rate gold loan with door-step service as it has direct tie-ups (DSA) with banks for lower cost of funds.

Gold EMI
Buy Gold Now. Pay later in easy monthly installments. Augmont Gold EMI is gold jewellery purchased on flexible EMI (equated monthly installments) options at a fixed price upfront with door-step service.
Scrap Gold
Instant spot cash for your old gold. Augmont Scrap Gold makes selling old/broken gold jewellery extremely convenient, quick, and hassle-free. Precision in gold assessment ensures instant, transparent, and best pricing value of gold to the customers.

Gold SIP
Accumulate gold and silver in small amounts through periodic investments. This is an investment in Digi Gold through the convenience of Systematic Investment Plans with door-step service. Customers can opt to keep it in secured vaults which are managed and monitored by IDBI Trustee.

Gold FD
Deposit your gold under the government’s gold monetization scheme. Just the way you do FD of your money, you can do the same with your idle gold. You will earn annual interest from the bank and at the end of the tenure, you will get your physical gold back! Also, there are taxation benefits!

Gold ETF
Invest money in gold-stock instead of physical stock. Buying Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETFs) through Augmont means purchasing gold in an electronic form. Gold ETF is highly liquid at exchanges and it is SEBI regulated, hence safe.

Gold Bonds
Augmont enables you to conveniently buy Government of India’s Sovereign Gold Bonds which gives you fixed and annual assured interest. Moreover, there is no capital gains tax on redemption on maturity.

Gold Coin
Buy hallmarked purity gold coins in international packaging. Augmont Gold Coin offers guaranteed buyback and tamper-proof attractive packaging which are also ideal for gifting.

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