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Trinkerr - Follow Stock Experts

 Trinkerr is India’s first social trading platform: Replicate the portfolios of India's best investors in real time, with a single click. Get real-time notifications when they make investments and follow their moves!

🔥 What can you do with Trinkerr?

🌟 Trader Discovery - New to trading? No idea where to invest? Find India's best traders and observe their movements in the stock market in real time to know where the action is!
💬 Feeds - Follow your favourite experts to get interesting posts on stock markets from them on your home page.

✔️ Check past returns - Trinkerr verifies past returns of all the portfolios before showing them to you so that you can trust what you see.

🔍 Watch current composition - You can transparently see which stocks are there in any portfolio and in what proportion.

👆 Single click Execution - Once you find a great portfolio you like, you can replicate it with a single click!

🔔 Immediate Notifications - Once you replicate a trader's portfolio, you'll get real time notifications whenever the trader executes a new trade in their portfolio. You can choose to mirror the same trades immediately in your replica portfolio, again with a single click!

🔒 Secure - Your orders are placed through your brokerage accounts which you link. Your money and stocks stay secure in your brokerage account only, nothing ever comes to Trinkerr.

🙌 Hassle-free - Since Trinkerr supports 14 brokerage firms, you continue to trade with your favourite broker. All the popular ones including Zerodha, Angel One, Upstox and Groww are covered.

💰 Free of Cost - Did we say it's all for free? Well, it is. Trinkerr doesn't charge you even a single paisa for its services.

👀 Watch before investing - If you prefer taking your time before investing, you can add stocks and portfolios to your watchlist in a single tap.

💼 Manage your portfolio - See and manage your positions from your profile section.

🚀 No lock-in period for any investment you make - Withdraw your money anytime, with zero exit fees.

🔊 Tell the world - Linking your Twitter account with Trinkerr is as easy as logging into your twitter account. After linking, you can directly tweet about your amazing trades on Trinkerr with just a few taps!

✅ Avoid the pitfalls of single-stock investing, by investing in stock portfolios of experts.

👉🏼 Join our community of over 60,000+ investors today! Just download the Trinkerr app and get started with investing in the Indian share market.

📌 Supported demat accounts: Trinkerr currently supports demat/trading accounts with Angel One Broking and Zerodha – Kite. Many more leading stock brokers will also be supported very soon.

How to use Trinkerr?
1️⃣ Join Trinkerr - Signing up on Trinkerr takes less than 2 minutes. All you need is a phone number and an email ID.
2️⃣Discover Experienced Traders & Track their Portfolio - Track portfolio returns and compositions of India's best traders, verified by Trinkerr.
3️⃣ Connect your existing Brokerage Account with Trinkerr - Connecting with your brokerage account is as easy as logging into your brokerage account in just a few taps.
4️⃣ Build your Own Portfolio - Invest in India's top performing portfolios with just a single click.
5️⃣ Sit back, relax and watch your wealth grow with ease.

🚨 Investing in Stocks/ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are subject to market risk. Read all the related documents before investing. Investors should consider all risk factors or consult their financial advisor before investing.

👋 We would love to hear from you!
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