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SuperPay - UPI Supercharged (Early Access)


India’s first data privacy oriented UPI payments app

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Do more with your regular UPI payments!

SuperYou deserves a Super Experience!

How do we do that?

1. Super Packs:
Super packs are value add-ons for your regular UPI payments. While you make UPI payments you can also :
- Budget
- Invest
- Learn (coming soon)
- Make it fun (coming soon)
And much more!

2. Super Privacy:
Privacy today is a myth. We make it a reality. All your transactions and data in the app is completely private and secured. Without your consent, no data is shared with any third party merchants/service providers. We will never sell your data & that’s a promise.

3. Super Style:
Do it your way! Experience UPI payments in dark mode as well.

4.Super Rewards:
Rewards that make you and not break you! Get rewarded for good money habits.
Track your expenses and earn cashback. Meet your investment targets and get all your cashback invested in gold!

Permissions required:

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1. SMS Permissions:
- To connect your bank accounts.
- To read the amount debited and merchant details for automatic tracking of expenses.
2. Phone and location permissions: To detect and prevent frauds. A mandated requirement for UPI transactions.
3. Contacts permission: To facilitate the transactions with your contacts swiftly.
4. Camera: Used to scan QR codes for UPI transactions.

ChintaMoney Fintech Private Limited is registered as a TPAP with NPCI with Kotak Mahindra Bank as the PSP Bank.

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