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Are you an experienced coin holder looking to invest in cryptocurrency? Or are you a novice that wants to invest and earn passive income with crypto, but cryptocurrencies look too complex?

Welcome to Mudrex – the easiest way to invest in crypto. With 100,000+ investors from over 100 countries, $20M+ assets under management, $3B+ in trade volume, Mudrex is one of the fastest-growing crypto investing platforms.

Our app allows you to build and buy crypto portfolios by instantly investing in custom crypto baskets and curated cryptocurrency portfolios.



When investing in crypto, in most cases you need to choose whether to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other coins and NFTs. Unlike other BTC investment or ETH investment apps, with Mudrex you can invest in Coin Sets. These innovative theme-based crypto baskets are actively managed by experts. This means that your crypto investment will be diversified across a theme that minimizes your risk.

Once you make your investment, easily track performance on a portfolio level to get a holistic picture, or even on a Coin Set level to see how your individual investments are performing.

Use the app to seamlessly deposit and withdraw your crypto from other wallets and exchanges to quickly invest in the Coin Set of your choice.

Mudrex has always been an easy-to-use platform that makes it seamless for everyone to invest in crypto. Here’s how you can start investing with Mudrex:

👉🏻 Create An Account: You can create your Mudrex account with your email or continue with Gmail for one-click login;
👉🏻 Deposit Crypto in Mudrex Wallet: You can easily deposit crypto from your favorite exchange to the Mudrex wallet;

👉🏻 Choose Where To Invest: Choose your preferred Coin Sets on Mudrex, and allocate the desired funds.

And you are done. It is that simple! Once you allocate the funds and click confirm, Mudrex takes care of the rest.

Here are just some of our popular Coin Sets (all are free):
> Crypto Blue Chip (invest in the top 5 crypto assets weighted by market cap)
> Metaverse (invest in top projects building the part of the internet where there is a shared virtual reality)
> NFT (invest in the top 6 most popular NFT projects)
> New Crypto Stars (invest in the top 10 of the most promising tokens weighted by market cap)
> DeFi 10 (invest in the top 10 DeFi tokens weighted by market cap)
> Smart Contract Platform (invest in top 7 smart contract platforms by market cap)
> Web 3.0 (invest in top 6 tokens changing the way the internet works)

All your crypto investments and deposits are 100% safe and you can withdraw at any time. Not only that, but our crypto invest app stores all important information using bank-level AES-256 encryption. All API traffic is secured and goes through SSL and uses TLS 1.2.

Rest assured knowing our reliable and highly responsive customer support team is here to quickly answer any of your questions.

Finally, you can easily invest in curated cryptocurrency investment portfolios. Don’t miss the top cryptocurrency app for easy cryptocurrency investing.

☑️Download the Mudrex crypto investment app and invest in your first crypto portfolio!

If you have any queries related to our crypto portfolio app please send them to Till then experience all crypto investment options with the Mudrex crypto wallet to build wealth with high returns and low risk.

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