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 NUVO Medsurg Disposable Transparent Gloves 
Product Name: NUVO Medsurg Disposable Transparent Gloves 
Brand Name: Om
Product  Type: Gloves

Product Description: Disposable plastic gloves. For home or restaurant or cleaning or washing. Great for cleaning, cooking and performing daily activities hygienic. (1) CAN BE USED IN HOME, OFFICE, FACTORIES, HOTELS, BAKERY, CANTEENS, HOSPITALS,CLINICS,BEAUTY PARLORS, SPA'S, SWEET SHOPS, HOUSEKEEPING,CLEANING, HAIR COLOR/DYE ETC.. (2) Can be use in everyday Home/Toilet Cleaning. Use full for food in Kitchen/Hair dying. Make yourself Safe From Bacteria. Can be used in Home, office,Hotels, Catering,Hospital, Pharma,Agriculture, Textile. Economic in Use. Soft, clean, Lint free and resistance to fungal growth. (3) Universal Size Fits Both Left & Right Hands As both Sides are same.

Package Contains: It Has 1 Pack of Transparent Gloves (Contains 100 Pieces Gloves)
Sizes Available - Free Size